Guidelines for Regional Elections

To develop continuity and assist the regions in their election processes, the following regional guidelines are hereby established:
**Roberts Rules of Order shall be utilized to facilitate the election process
Regional Officers: Pursuant to Article VI, Section 1 of the ICPC by-laws; Regional Officers are to be elected by the affiliated region, serving a two (2) year term of office.  Officers may be re-elected for additional terms, however, there is a fine line between continuity in a region and the need for an infusion of “new blood”.  Wisdom should be exercised in balancing these two elements.
Qualifications: According to ICPC policy regarding those holding leadership positions, individuals seeking election as Regional Officers must be full members of ICPC.  Additionally, pursuant to Board of Directors policy on Nominating Committee Guidelines--Section 6, “Host committee members are not eligible for election at the training seminar which they are hosting.”  The individuals running for office must reside in the state/region for which they are running.
Voting Privilege: Only full-members of the ICPC have voting privileges.  This includes: Chaplain Members, Liaison Members, and Retired Chaplain Members. 
 [An associate or affiliate member does not have voting privileges.  This membership classification is held until all supporting documentation can be received at the Destin office whereby an individual’s membership may be upgraded to full membership status.  Membership upgrades shall not be made during the time the RTS is being held.].
Nominations: A nominating committee is appointed to establish a slate of nominees. They shall not hold office in the region and shall be of odd number to avoid voting issues. It is the nominating committee’s responsibility to establish an individual’s qualification as well as their desire to run for office.  They should try to establish a well rounded slate of nominees taking account the faith, race, gender, and geographical makeup of the region.
Election Time: Regional elections shall be held at the Regional Training Seminar (RTS) and at such time as will ensure most of the region’s members in attendance will be present.

Election Procedure: Each individual seeking office should be given two (2) minutes to present themselves to the membership and tell why they wish to be elected.  After all the nominees are finished they should be asked to leave the room and the election held.  Voting may be taken by a show of hands or secret ballot dependant upon the region’s desire.  A simple majority is needed to win the vote for office.  If only one individual is running for an office, a vote of affirmation shall be taken affirming the region’s selection of the individual.  Upon tabulating the results, the regional director will announce the results to the membership.  The new regional officers will take office at the conclusion of the RTS and at which time it will be the new regional director’s responsibility to inform the main office at Destin of the new regional officers.
Additional Offices: If the region does not desire to elect the other regional officers, they may be appointed by the Regional Director with the concurrence of the other regional officers.  They will serve the same term of office as the other officers in the region.