Regional Director Job Description

The structure of the ICPC is a vital network of regions woven together and functioning much like individual states do within the union.  Although they enjoy a certain amount of autonomy, they are still under the national framework.  This relationship works together in harmony to serve the interests and membership of ICPC. 
Regional Directors within the ICPC serve a vital role in the overall functioning of the organization.  They must be full-members, reside within the particular region in which they serve, be elected by that region, and be willing to serve for a minimum period of two (2) years.
Some of the responsibilities which are required of the Regional Director are as follows:
  1. Promotes membership in the ICPC within the region
  2. Contacts new chaplains within that region
  3. Provides information to departments and chaplains about law enforcement chaplaincy
  4. Oversees the Regional Training Seminar (RTS)
  5. Chairs the Regional Meeting
  6. Follows up on members in the region, encourages them to attend the ATS
  7. Serves on the national Board of Directors.  Attends all Board of Directors’ meetings, trainings as required, and the Regional Director/Area Representative breakfast at the Annual Training Seminar (ATS).
  8. Appoints Area Representative (unless they are elected at the regional meetings) and sends their information to the ICPC office.
  9. Maintains contact with the Area Representatives, giving them encouragement and support.
  10. Files a yearly report by June 1st of each year with the ICPC office for the Board of Directors of regional activities including a full financial accounting of regional/RTS finances.
  11. Works towards advancement of his/her own training levels and encourages the same among the area representatives and members at large.
  12. Keeps the ICPC office abreast of changes of member information
  13. Is responsible for all ICPC activity in their region
  14. Maintains a high standard of ethics and integrity
Regional Directors may serve multiple terms in office as there is presently no term limits, however, prudence and care should be exercised within the region to balance the issue and need for continuity with that of the need for an infusion of “new blood.”  Regions need to remain fresh and balanced to be able to grow and stay healthy.  The Regional Director shoulders great responsibility to see that this happens.