Regional Treasurer Job Description

The position of Regional Treasurer is a vitally important position within the regional structure of ICPC.  The treasurer must be a full-member of ICPC, have a good working knowledge of financial principals, have had some experience with bookkeeping, be upright and honest, and be totally accountable to the region and the national ICPC office.  The position of treasurer is held for a minimum of two (2) years and they may be re-elected for subsequent terms.
As a member of the regional “management team”, they must be able to work with others as a cohesive unit to facilitate the running of the regions.  This positive team approach is necessary to uphold the integrity of the regions as a whole.
Some of the responsibilities which are required of the Regional Treasurer are as follows:
  1. Is responsible for maintaining the regional bank account and keeping signatory cards current. (Including one from the Destin office).
  2. Is responsible for RTS finances and reconciliation of accounts.
  3. Is responsible to maintain communication with the ICPC office on all issues of regional finances.
  4. Is responsible for paying the liabilities incurred by the region
  5. Is responsible to obtain a yearly financial review of the regional finances
  6. Is responsible to prepare the financial accounting of the region for the Regional Director to include in his annual report to the Board of Directors.
Any other duties as outlined by the region.