Training Material

Stress ManagementStress Management
Stress Management PPT - Chaplain Mike Dismore Stress Management Notes - Chaplain Mike ... more

Officer Injury & DeathOfficer Injury & Death
Officer Injury & Death Notes - Chaplain Todd Pynch Officer Injury & Death ... more

Spousal SupportSpousal Support
Spousal Support PPT - Chaplain Warren Hiebert

Am I Sleeping With The EnemyAm I Sleeping With The Enemy
Am I Sleeping With The Enemy OATH PPT - Ron Clark

Chaplain CareChaplain Care
Chaplain Care - Chaplain Cyndee Thomas

Confidentiality & Legal LiabilityConfidentiality & Legal Liability
Confidentiality & Legal Liability  Notes - Dr. Paul Ellis Confidentiality ... more

Credentialing TrainingCredentialing Training
Credentialing Training - Rev. Dr. John S. Transue

Death NotificationsDeath Notifications
Death Notifications PPT - Chaplain Steve White Death Notifications Notes - Chaplain Steve White

Responding To A CrisisResponding To A Crisis
Responding To A Crisis - Chaplain Lyle Prather, Ph.D.

The Four Principles of SabbathThe Four Principles of Sabbath
The Four Principles of Sabbath - Chaplain Wally Johnston

Funding Chaplaincy ProgramsFunding Chaplaincy Programs
Funding Chaplaincy Programs in a Tough Economy - Chaplain Dan Nolta

Introduction to ChaplaincyIntroduction to Chaplaincy
ICPC Introduction to Chaplaincy - Chaplain Dan Nolta

Ethics for Chaplains & OfficersEthics for Chaplains & Officers
Ethics for Chaplains & Officers - Chaplain Jerry Gaidos

2011 ICPC Region 2 RTS

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