Training Material

2015 ICPC Region 2 RTS

International Conference of Police Chaplains
Region 2 – Regional Training Seminar
February 9th – 12th, 2015
Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center, Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Greetings and Welcome to the ICPC Region 2 Training Seminar (RTS) and Workshops for 2015. This year's RTS will continue to provide the high standard of training we have experienced in the past, equipping us with the necessary tools to be effective in our chaplaincies, we are Raising the Standard – this year’s theme is A Call for Spiritual Survival.
We will be honored to have as our Special Speakers for extended sessions Supervisory Special Agent Samuel L. Feemster (ret.) the founder of Project BeSTOW, a multi-year research project developed at the FBI Academy’s Behavioral Science Unit (BSU). ICPC Academic Registrar Chaplain John Transue will assist us with Credentialing Opportunities.
We will be challenged by the training, presentations and the opportunities to develop and reinforce critical relationships that will make all of us more effective. We are honored to serve men and women who give their best and do an outstanding job. The RTS will be an opportunity to give back to our officers and be an influence on them for the future - for their future.

B01 Intro to Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
Introduction to LE Chaplaincy Notes Lemon vs Kurtzman Personal Qualities Desired for ... more

B02 Death Notification
Basic Death Notification Death Notification Notes Protect Yourself From The Dead Stages Of The ... more

B03 Stress Management
B03 Stress Management Handouts MBI Inventory (Self Test) Protect Yourself From The Dead Stages ... more

B06 Ethics
Canon of Ethics Ethics Ethics Class Notes It's Okay, Son, Everybody Does It

B7 Responding to a Crisis Situation
Responding to a Crisis Notes Stages Of The Grief Response - Officer Stress Reaction Chart

B11 Officer Death or Injury
Law Enforcement Funeral Officer Death and Injury Notes

Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement
Spiritually Adapted for Law Enforcement Training S.A.L.T. Responses Wellness & Spirituality